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A game of balancing a stack of parts on a changing surface, interfaced with your smartphone.

The concept behind the game is ‘Balance As A Power Switch’, a notion that originated from an homage to Leonardo Da Vinci (500 years since his death). The game contains 15 different parts, a base surface and a wireless charging dock. Each part has an inserted weight that determines the positioning of its gravity center point, thus adding complexity to game while maintaining it simple and playful. The base is the mediator between the smartphone and the parts of the game, teasing the stack’s balance on its surface and challenging the user. To recharge, the base connects to a charging dock, wirelessly charging its lithium battery. Collaboration with Ron Konfortes.

User scenario


Game app

The game is combining the digital and physical worlds into a new world of content in the form of a surprising and innovative gaming experience. The experience begins by combining the user’s smartphone with a unique application that will activate the game, challenge the user and provide him with an additional dimension of content. Through the app a user can connect with friends, join forces in a multiplayer quest and share personal achievements. 

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo Da Vinci


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Learning is the only thing the mind never

exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.

Leonardo Da Vinci

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2019 Noam Gordon