A device for rehabilitation of the shoulder girdle.

WOWO mainly caters to ambitious athletes - whether they are professionals or amateurs. The values ​​that guided me throughout the design process were: functionality, professionalism, innovation and simplicity. During practice, it projects a green light, instructing the direction of desired movement. The light turns red when the device detects the user isn’t doing the exercise in full. Exercises maybe of linear, circular or free motion. The device is ergonomically designed to allow comfortable and effective use over time. The synergy of all the components produces a sense of levitation, seamless movement and weightlessness while allowing practice on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

The app

WOWO connects to a dedicated app, showing a detailed summary of the recent performance and insight regarding progress. Portraying relevant statistics, the app generates motivation stemming from a sense of achievement. It also helps the user and his therapist to monitor the recovery.

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We must design for the way people behave,

 not for how we would wish them to behave.

Donald A Norman



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